Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wedding Faire this Weekend, 3/20! Are you prepared?

If you're headed to the Bridal Faire this weekend at the Reno/Sparks Convention Center, we look forward to seeing you!  Look for us in booth #703, right by the runway stage.

To ensure your afternoon is productive vs. overwhelming, here is a list of suggestions and tips to help facilitate your experience:

  • Bring Labels!  Pre-printed address labels, with your name, address, phone, email and date of your event will help your hand tremendously with all of the fabulous drawings and prize giveaways your likely to enter.  If all you have are the freebie address labels you get in the mail, bring them!  Those will work to provide the majority of details, and then you can just add in the missing few details - still saving you that hand cramp!
  • Are You Gellin'® Proper footware is key.  Be it inserts, comfy socks, tennis shoes, or sandals, wear your most comfortable pair of footwear so your focus stays on your wedding, not your feet!  
  • Camera:  Be sure to bring either your cell phone with camera fully charged, or a digital camera with you to snap all the fabulous ideas you'll see.  While you may have a photographic memory, after 75+ booths, your ideas will start to blend together like an Impressionist painting. 
  • Calendar:  Either on your cell, or a printed version, you'll want a calendar handy to book consultations, and other appointments for your big day.  
  • Tote:  Your bag will become heavy quickly from all the information and giveaways you'll be receiving, and those little plastic handles can start to dig into your hands quickly.  Bring a tote bag that is comfortable for you to carry all of your loot in. While you're at it, bring another smaller, separate tote to place inside the main bag.  Place ONLY the info. from your preferred vendors in this smaller, hidden tote to help make sorting through the sea of information after the show a bit easier.  
    • For some added fun, make totes for each member in your party with a blank canvas tote, some fabric paint and some rhinestone bling!  
  • Colors/Theme:  Bring color swatches and pictures of your theme/vision with you to help generate  ideas with the vendors you speak to.  This is your opportunity to gain free ideas and advice.  The more visual aids you have, the better, and the easier it is to talk to the booth personnel and gain valuable information.  

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  1. Great ideas Donna! It really does make a difference to attend a bridal show *prepared* as it can be an overwhelming experience, when it should be an inspiring, productive experience. But that's what a good planner, such as yourself, does -- prepare her clients!

    Can't wait to see photos of your booth!