Friday, February 25, 2011

Are you a DIY bride?

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A consistent wedding trend is the DIY bride, aka:  the do it yourselfer.  While there is a definite euphoria associated with doing things yourself and accomplishing a seemingly unconquerable feat - especially at a significant cost savings, a wedding is perhaps not the ‘best’ time to earn your ‘DIY merit badge’ so to speak.  Worse yet, you have photos to prove just how exhausted you made yourself staying up late tying little bows on little favor bags, or folding programs.  

Some believe the way around this technical difficulty is to enlist family or friends on the unpaid work detail, with or without their consent!   Nothing says 2:00AM argument the night before the wedding like affixing 150 escort cards to clothespins to hang from ribbons that aren’t sticking on a ribbon frame because the paint is still wet.  While these loving souls may have initially agreed to help you through thick and thin, the reality is this is not their wedding.  

Weddings are an emotionally charged, once-in-a-lifetime event that require the bride’s full attention and energy.  So whether you are a DIYer that ‘Prefers to do it yourself because you enjoy it’ OR, you believe you ‘HAVE to do it all yourself because you can’t afford not to,’ we recommend keeping your DIY projects to a realistic minimum, and do as much in the months prior to your event as possible.  Also keep in mind DIY projects can spiral out of control and become more time-consuming and often cost more in the end than originally anticipated.   

Our solution to this dilemma is simple: consider hiring a wedding planner, like us at Forget Me Knot Events, for the tedious and time-consuming tasks.  Wedding planners can often SAVE you money due to significant discounts they are able to obtain through their extensive vendor relationships, and in the TIME it will take to complete a task.  So take the time to consider what your time, and your sanity are worth and earn that DIY badge for something else instead, like decorating your first home together.  For that, you can earn the 'smart cookie' badge. 
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just visit a Wedding Faire? We can help!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  

If you've just recently attended a wedding faire, I bet your bag of goodies and handouts was heavy by the end of the day; and perhaps a wee bit overwhelming?

That's where the Event Specialists at Forget Me Knot Events come in.  As wedding planning experts, we can help you go through that sea of information cards and help you select the very best vendors to be a part of your special day in the Reno/Tahoe Nevada area.  We can work with any budget to help save you money, and - save your sanity, providing as much or as little as you need to help make the wedding of your dreams a reality.   

So for now, the only vendor you need to call is us!  We offer a variety of packages to fit your wedding planning needs, from day-of, to a little of this and that, to everything in between. Visit our website for more information on how we can customize a package to suit your individual needs and let us help you create the wedding you've always envisioned that is still affordable.  Best of all, in the end you can sit back, relax and take all the credit for a phenomenal and truly unforgettable day.